How To Be A Twit

     As someone who does not suffer fools lightly, I am even more intolerant of twits.

     What is a twit you ask? Well, a twit is someone who is so clueless, so ignorant, and so stupid as to make one wonder how that person functions daily in society. A twit can also be someone who is educated, but who is so blinded by one agenda that he/she refuses to acknowledge that there may be another side to a particular issue. These type of twits are usually found in academia and more often, in the “mainstream” media.

     This morning as I was drinking my usual coffee and having my morning ciggie, I saw a perfect twit: Joy Behar. I almost spit my coffee across the room when Ms. Behar made the statement that Media Matters was an unbiased organisation. I usually don’t watch The View, but it is like watching a train wreck sometimes – you don’t want to watch but cannot help if you do.

     Mondays and Tuesdays are my days off (or are supposed to be, sometimes the liberal that I work for thinks that I am his “boy”). So, in the mornings of those days I will usually watch the Hitler err, History Channel or one of the food channels (for fun). If there is nothing on any of these channels I will flip around, and sometimes it lands on the twit channel, I mean PMSNBC. Occasionally, I will watch the queen of the twits, Joy Behar.

     I watch this uninformed, moronic woman talk about things she knows nothing about (twit) because it gives me a laugh in the morning. If I am laughing at this sad, pitiful excuse for a “journalist” (remember, she is part of the mainstream media), don’t you think that other normal, logical thinking people laugh at her as well? I agree with Bill O’Reilly that when Joy Behar or people of her ilk publicly make stupid, ignorant statements against conservatives, it actually HELPS the conservative movement.

     I want to nominate Joy Behar for Twit of the Month. Coming in a close second is Rachel Maddow.

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Can You Tell The Difference Between A Lie And The Truth?

Mr. Franklin, in his Poor Richards Almanack, once opined that “A Lie stands on 1 leg, Truth on 2 (July, 1735).” Well, there are a lot of one-legged folks in the “mainstream” media today, especially after the Juan Williams/NPR fiasco. As a lark, I watched NBC this morning, and who to my surprise was on one of the morning shows but Rachel Maddow. She was blathering on about how Fox News was a propaganda machine for the Republican Party or some other silliness. Wait, it could be, another talking head that looked and sounded like her/him (is she/he a woman or a man, I cannot figure that one out yet?).

Anyway, this speculation went on for a few more minutes, and then when Juan Williams’ name was brought into it I knew the character assassination had begun. All the one-legged people were having a field day, envying those with two legs, those who are truth tellers.

Now mind you, George Soros has bought brand new artificial legs for these cretins, but they just won’t stay on! You see, they are made in totalitarian countries, where there is no incentive to make a decent product and where free speech does not exist. If we as a country assist the people who want to push this agenda down our throats by voting them into office or by NOT voting at all (which is a greater crime in and of itself), then there are going to be many, many more Juan William’s just not as famous maybe.

It is time to stop this political correctness nonsense which enables these liars to get away with what they do. Start taking them on in any way that you can-challenge them at every turn, and make it known to ALL. If not, God help us all.

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The “Left” Squashing Free Speech and using Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” again

Of course why would this woman be so vehemently against doing something so American?

Saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” is akin to hotdogs and apple pie. What is wrong with this woman? Well you guessed it, she’s a left wing liberal pushing the Obama agenda of death, destruction, and hopelessness across America through non other than “Organizing for America”. You know the Far Left Obama, Intimidating Task Force, much like other America hating, progressive, agitating groups birthed by the Far Left. Groups such as the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Socialist Party America (SPA/SP), Democracy for America, ACORN, good grief people what more do you need to realize these people and groups do not have your best interest at heart.

These Far Left Groups organize to create nothing but conflict and controversy. They don’t even care about the issues at hand, these groups want to “Wage Eternal War” WTH???? “Eternal Conflict” Sound familiar? This is exactly what Obama is doing to America. Hey, the Organizing for America website is none other than, WAIT FOR IT….WAIT FOR IT….WWW.BARACKOBAMA.COM Isn’t that a hoot?

What does the woman do when she realizes the crowd actually wants to and says the “Pledge of Allegiance”? She demonizes them. Scolds them as little children, when in fact she is the one acting ridiculously to “take her toys and leave” because things aren’t going her way. She’s not being petted and pampered as liberals DEMAND.

Bradish’s supporters even get after this man to stop his “off the cuff” fliming. Good Grief!

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A little something this week to get your mind off American Politics

Here’s a paragraph from Ferdinand Schevevill’s book, A History of Europe From the Reformation to Present Day (1938) He was a professor of history at the University of Chicago.

….. Speaking of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia, page 702.

“With the least possible delay, the Bolshevik government seized the factories, banks, insurance companies and other privately owned businesses of the middle class that had become vulnerable in hard economic times (sound like anyone you know of?) … and although they became property of the state, great efforts were made to afford an appearance otherwise. As emergencies and circumstances dictated, other businesses and enterprises were absorbed into the state in the next three years. At the same time the Bolsheviks led the unlanded and the peasants to drive out the landlords and take over the properties for themselves. (Didn’t they just put a freeze on foreclosures?) The execution of the program carried with it the riots and violence that led to the murders of many otherwise sympathetic nobles and bourgeiosie for their possessions. Other thousands called themselves fortunate if they succeeded in saving their lives by escaping to foreign countries. The order went out that the upper classes must be wiped out in order to clear the way for a classless society of equals.”

Isn’t it funny how things never seem to change? Try and find stats for the number of Americans who’ve expatriated to other countries. You won’t find them….

Oh…and that classless society of equals? It sounds like a good idea…but what you end up with is a bunch of rich people in charge of government and keeping people down… and then the people they are talking about…who are all equally slaves to an idea that has failed everytime it has been implemented.

~Author Patrioticynic

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